Monthly Archives: November 2013

Dear Readers, Over the next few weeks, I will be analyzing one big question—this season, can the Patriots win the Superbowl? They obviously made a big step forward to answering this question last night, but anyhow, I will do 5 posts that will further analyze this; all of them will include some sort of multimedia. […]

Is Saltalamacchia the Redsox Best Option at Catcher?

The Redsox have a big long-term decision to make at catcher next season. With Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s contract coming to the end, it has left the door wide open for that position to be filled. They currently are pursuing four options: overpay for Saltalamacchia, sign McCan to a long term deal, sign aging free agent Pierzynski, […]

Patriot’s Offense Picks Up Where They Left Off Against Dolphins To Demolish Steelers Defense

The Patriots have scored 79 points in their last six quarters— averaging almost two touchdowns per quarter. It may be time to say this team has finally found its offensive rhythm. Brady easily had his best game of the season. For the first time all year, he threw more than 3 touchdowns (4) and had […]

Saturday’s “Rolling Rally” Embodies Relationship Between 2013 Redsox Teams and Fans

On Saturday, me and 2 million other fans got the privilege to go see the “Rolling Rally.” It was extremely special event—the fans were rowdy, excited, and knew and appreciated the effort each player put in to win the World Series. The players appreciated the fans excitement and knowledge and you could tell they were […]